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An easy-to-use, all-in-one app to manage students, classrooms, learning, enrollment, billing and communication.



Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, Creche Cloud is fully equipped to function on a high volume of logins without any interruptions or bugs.

Yes, you can hop in between two different schools with different information and data under one account.

Our integration with Sage will allow all kinds of electronic payment options to be available and easily accessible.

Yes, our built-in document creator will allow all important documents to be created/printed, or published in-app.

We pride ourselves on the safety of all data kept on the system as it is sensitive and personal information. Our software team has made it their mission to make sure no information is unsafe or gets lost even in the event of a crash which is unlikely to happen

Everything is as simple as a click of a button, we aim to make your experience with us user-friendly, informative, and efficient.

The amount of data needed to be on the app is the exact same amount you would need for any other software app eg:Whatsapp/Facebook.

Creche Cloud is available on Android, IOS, Huawei app stores, and the web. Creche Cloud can be downloaded on a laptop, tablet, or mobile
phone for both parents and school staff.

We pride ourselves on the safety of each child on our system as well as their information as it is personal and sensitive. No outside entities have access to any information unless approved by the parent and our software security system.

There are no hidden fees. Payment plans are seen with the option of paying a monthly fee or an upfront amount for a specific amount of time. We can accommodate and adjust a fee plan that best suits you.

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An easy-to-use, all-in-one app to manage students, classrooms, learning, enrollment, billing and communication.

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