Welcome to Creche Cloud, the new way to run your creche. Bringing the creche into the digital age and the parent into the classroom. These few steps explain how our new users can navigate through the app hassle free.

1)Update school information- this step allows all information to be updated and recent before getting fully up and running with staff and students. In case of an emergency, it is imperative to have the correct contact details for each parent.

2)Create classrooms-creating classrooms are a vital part of setting up your account. When a classroom is added, student and staff information can be uploaded, then assigned to their respective rooms.

3)Add and invite staff-invite all your staff to download and create a Creche Cloud account. How much access staff has is dependent on how the principal/owner customizes it.

4)Create student profiles-creating student profiles are the first step in inviting contacts, logging activities, recording check-in data, and more!

5)Add and invite student contacts-once student profiles have been created contacts can now be added and invited to use the Creche Cloud app.