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Learn how to add, edit and delete rooms on the web and mobile app. Stay organized by assigning students and teachers to specific rooms.

In order to get started on Creche Cloud classrooms will need to be added. Classrooms can be organized in many ways. They can be named after age groups, animals, colors or whatever you prefer. Rooms can be created from both mobile app and web by administrators, principals and managers. After a room is added student and staff profiles can be created then assigned to their respective rooms.

On the web- log into your account on the web, click on school profile then select ”add classroom”, click on ”add classroom” and type in classroom name and your classroom is created. You can then start adding students and their information onto their profiles.

On the mobile app- Go to home screen and click on school profile, click on ”add classroom” and the top right, type in classroom name and then create when finished.