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Many features can be accessed from the app and the web, while some are only available on one platform.

Check out that the lists below are accessible from specific platforms.

  • App only features-log activities, photos, videos
  • student and staff check-in/out
  • move students between classrooms
  • record student attendance
  • View and edit check-in codes
  • Add, edit and view calendar events
  • Add profile photos
  • Web-only features-run a report
  • Input immunization forms
  • Administrator billing access
  • Change password
  • School details for student profile
  • Upload a roster
  • Create and publish newsletters/class lists/name tags
  • Approve staff access
  • Create lesson plans
  • Admissions and application tools

Multi-platform features-manage parents, students, staff, rooms, approved pickups, and emergency contacts.

  • Access to help centre
  • View activity feed
  • Receive, view, and send messages
  • Edit posted activities
  • View QR code
  • View and edit staff timecards
  • Filter by enrollment status
  • View lesson plans and set up learning frameworks